2015 "EARLY BIRDS" at Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsquartier - Vienna, Austria

2014 "ROUGH BUT GENTLE" Month of Photography at Offspace Spenglerei, curated by Sophie Haslinger & Lisa Pehnelt - Vienna, Austria

2014 "PRETTY RAW" Month of Photography at the Univeristy of applied Arts Vienna, curated by Gabriele Rothemann

2014 "Cabin #99 - A 23 hour exhibiton" - Wiwona - Yosemite National Park - California, USA

2013 "be dramatic" at Bechter Kastowsky Gallery, curated by Martin Schnur - Vienna, Austria

2012 „REALM“ at Heiligen Kreuzerhof - Univeristy of applied Arts Vienna, curated by Gabriele Rothemann

2012 „This is your stage, baby“ curated by Siggi Hofer - Vienna, Austria

2011 „More Stream, Less Conscious“ at Off Space Nikki Bogart - Vienna, Austria

2011 „NO PHOTO“ at the Univeristy of applied Arts Vienna, curated by Jörg Auzinger

2011 "BLUE BANANA", curated by Sofie von Olfers, Prater Hauptallee 2a -  Vienna, Austria

2010 „Les Nuits Blanche“ Month of Photography Weisses Haus, curated by Gabriele Rothemann - Vienna, Austria

2010 „Oskar Peters Neue Positionen“ curated by Anna Lehmann Brauns - Vienna, Austria

2010 "COLPO D'OCCHIO", Palazzo Baronale - Torchiara, Italy



2017 "I FORGOT TO SAY CHEESE" at OSME Gallery - Vienna, Austria

2016 "THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US!" Hilger NEXT - Vienna, Austria

2016 "FACE IT" at OSME Gallery - Vienna, Austria

2015 "THIS SIDE UP!" at PERFEKT BOX MQ, Electric Avenue - Vienna, Austria

2015 "REMIX" at OSME Gallery - Vienna, Austria

© Mahir Jahmal

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