is a project within  DIS-OTHERING: BEYOND AFROPOLITAN AND OTHER LABELS – a collaboration between BOZAR–Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels), Kulturen in Bewegung (Vienna) and SAVVYContemporary (Berlin) on the necessary deconstruction of “othering” practices in European cultural institutions. It consists of an exhibition, symposia, a festival, talks and performances, a residency program, mapping research, and a website, all manifesting in 2018 and 2019 in Berlin, Brussels, Vienna and Warsaw. These different formats share the bringing together of artists, communities, thinkers and people of all walks of life to reflect on contemporary processes and technologies of “Dis-Othering.”


OPENING  13.09.2018  19:00
13.09.–11.11.2018 Thur-Sun 14:00–19:00
Berlin Art Week Opening Hours: 26.09.2018  14:00–19:00
WITH Salwa Aleryani, Heba Y. Amin, American Artist, Rossella Biscotti, Chimurenga, Saddie Choua, Michele Ciacciofera, Anna Binta Diallo, Dimitri Fagbohoun, Mahir Jahmal, Jackie Karuti, Anna Líndal, Ibrahim Mahama, Tanja Muravskaja, Oscar Murillo, Daniela Ortiz and Sandra Schäfer.  




2015 "EARLY BIRDS" at Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsquartier - Vienna, Austria

2014 "ROUGH BUT GENTLE" Month of Photography at Offspace Spenglerei, curated by Sophie Haslinger & Lisa Pehnelt - Vienna, Austria

2014 "PRETTY RAW" Month of Photography at the Univeristy of applied Arts Vienna, curated by Gabriele Rothemann

2014 "Cabin #99 - A 23 hour exhibiton" - Wiwona - Yosemite National Park - California, USA

2013 "be dramatic" at Bechter Kastowsky Gallery, curated by Martin Schnur - Vienna, Austria

2012 „REALM“ at Heiligen Kreuzerhof - Univeristy of applied Arts Vienna, curated by Gabriele Rothemann

2012 „This is your stage, baby“ curated by Siggi Hofer - Vienna, Austria

2011 „More Stream, Less Conscious“ at Off Space Nikki Bogart - Vienna, Austria

2011 „NO PHOTO“ at the Univeristy of applied Arts Vienna, curated by Jörg Auzinger

2011 "BLUE BANANA", curated by Sofie von Olfers, Prater Hauptallee 2a -  Vienna, Austria

2010 „Les Nuits Blanche“ Month of Photography Weisses Haus, curated by Gabriele Rothemann - Vienna, Austria

2010 „Oskar Peters Neue Positionen“ curated by Anna Lehmann Brauns - Vienna, Austria

2010 "COLPO D'OCCHIO", Palazzo Baronale - Torchiara, Italy



2017 "I FORGOT TO SAY CHEESE" at OSME Gallery - Vienna, Austria

2016 "THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US!" Hilger NEXT - Vienna, Austria

2016 "FACE IT" at OSME Gallery - Vienna, Austria

2015 "THIS SIDE UP!" at PERFEKT BOX MQ, Electric Avenue - Vienna, Austria

2015 "REMIX" at OSME Gallery - Vienna, Austria

© Mahir Jahmal

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